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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: to be present there where there is cargo to be moved. Our goal is the consolidation of a global CDC Caribe network, capable of providing professional, strategical and as one, the requirements of the global import/export logistics.

A complete service requires the capacity to provide a thorough Port to Port, Door to Port or Door to Door service and, with that in mind, we assure the highest quality of our international agents.


CDC Caribe´s existence depends upon advanced technology. By doing this, we will be able to provide our customers the possibility to access a wealth of information directly from  our website. This is the path that CDC Caribe is committed to follow.

Shipping and transporting goods is nowadays an essential element of the overall quality of a service. Indeed, it is a decisive growth promoter in international trade. CDC Caribe is based on this fact, providing you with our specialized services and qualified staff, actively involved where our assistance is required. Our organization is modern, flexible, efficient and knowledgeable in resolving shipment problems based on each customer's needs. We are a partner who believes in its work and this is the basis of our reliability.

CDC's Evolution

As we began in 1995, specialized in the European market, CDC Caribe continued to develop other trade lanes which have proven our capability and success. Afterwards other sectors of the industry seeking our expertise assisted our business to expand towards different and productive fields, which were more sophisticated technologies. Today we operate in San Juan, Puerto Rico and all over the world. Every aspect related to shipments and their transportation is a part of CDC Caribe's daily commitment: the customer's satisfaction is a proof of this commitment!